Custom Designed

The ingenuity which comes with our years of experience in custom design offers clients real solutions.

RAI is honored to employ some of the most innovative fabricators in the business. RAI management will be happy to visit your site, walk through any condition and offer custom designed fabrication solutions. The products listed in our website represent only a portion of our fabricating capabilities. We offer custom designed services, so the variety of products we can offer is endless. If you haven’t found what you are looking for anywhere else, call RAI.


Featured Custom Designed Projects

BMW/Seimens Production Turn-Tables

Complex Specialty Miscellaneous Fabrication and Installation

Lockheed Martin C130 Wingtip Platforms

Structural and Miscellaneous

At RAI, our corporate strategy is defined by four primary core values:

Safety, Quality, Integrity and Results

RAI is a leader in industrial construction, steel fabrication and erection, and most of all, client satisfaction. RAI Industrial Fabricators is committed to serving Fortune 500 companies and others with complete solutions to their construction needs. RAI strives for positive company growth while developing long-term relationships with quality-oriented people as we deliver projects with safety, quality, integrity and results.

As you get to know our company, we are confident you will find each RAI employee to be fully committed to your satisfaction.

Welcome to RAI.